Each Village an Island
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All of the larger personal collections of books and parchments in Port and Three Stones include elegant copies of the most important work of The Expected Smile - fifteen treatises, often bound into two folios in the traditional fashion. Amongst them is "Our Sea," an anonymously circulated treatise that Black Tower sages declared - not without some controversy - to be from the quill of The Expected Smile.

"Our Sea" is a powerful, short treatise on life lived amidst the Farthest, the "Quintessential Realms" that so fascinated Ammander sages in seasons prior to the Vanishing. The Expected Smile - or perhaps another, more anonymous sage - wrote that "each village is an island, comfortably familiar and from which travelers venture forth but rarely. By comparison, Port is a convergence of tides at the river mouth, a place of strange sailing and unfamiliar streets. We are never quite sure of ourselves; are we Lost; will the stranger before us speak the Ammander tongue; is this unusual finery the latest fashion or a Visitor's garb; was this wall here the day before? The children of tradeship passengers have grown to be sharp-witted and careful in the tides of dockside and Port streets. Dreams are for village folk, for those who do not have to mark the road ahead - the careless wanderer in Port is soon Lost to the Quintessential City, at the mercy of the Powers of this land."

[ Posted by Reason on May 3, 2005 ]