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Of the many strange contemporaries attracted by the master explorer Krineth over the course of an eventful life, The Marked was perhaps the strangest. A sage of hidden meaning and esoterica, The Marked is best read once removed, filtered through the understanding of later scribes and Ammander whitebeards. If not for the popularity of Krineth's deeds amongst commonfolk and nobles even to this day, it is likely that the last intricate, spidery parchments inked by The Marked would have moldered away uncopied. As it is, his works and their interpretations have been plundered over the generations by troubadors, sages and educated noble folk in search of the authentic Krineth.

The other heritage left by The Marked, painstakingly picked from abstruse bindings by unnamed scribes and lesser sages such as The Cloud, concerns the cruel Neth. The Marked was unusual amongst mortal folk - if indeed he was of mortal blood, for there are some who called him a Visitor - in his ability to face Neth without disgust or fear. It is clear that Neth fascinated him, even as he was forced to slay them while companions turned aside or fled in revulsion and loathing.

From copies of The Cloud's few remaining works, hidden away in private collections in Port and the Three Stones Library, it is possible to learn that "The Marked expressed novel ideas throughout his inkwork, the present and pertinent of which is that experience, the motes of knowledge captured, is channeled through a single body part in each individual. This narrows in the stream of life lived can be taken as an axis, a central divide in the map of man or beast, supporting and informing all personality and perception. For the sage, this organ is the heart, the seat of thought. For the crafter, it is the hands. For Neth, this axis of balance between the self and Creation is the mouth, the bile-filled maw of uneven, sharp teeth reflected in their crude structures and implements."

What little is known by mortal folk of harsh Neth language came from The Marked, as does the educated sage's poor understanding of Neth rituals, desires and Powers - the urge to suffer and hate; the Maw; the Eaters of All; the strange wooden structures built in deepest winter. Common folk, even those spears who patrol beyond the Odan and on the Forest Road in snow, know little of Neth save they are to be feared, pitied, fought and avoided.

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