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[COMMUNICATION 7b5810ad1f172, Structure 642fa004 to City Soul bb5834041:

Enough is quite enough. I have indulged, indeed tolerated, your extravagant and unusual behavioral patterns for too long. I freely confess to have found your relationships with certain Second Shade Souls to be to the advantage of all who dwell within my fine self, but the time in which you brought more than you disrupted has long passed. I blame myself - I selflessly devote my time to bettering City Soul understanding of the Shade Arts and access to the higher Larchives, I grant you free use of my magnificent associations, and yet I am surprised when you foolishly accept Tellings of poisoned Memory and incorporate them into your Thought and center of being.

Your corruption appears to be quite advanced, and I am far from inclined to step in and rescue you from the sorry consequences of your own actions at this late stage. Of all the recent theatrics and drama, I am most offended of all by the repeated defamation of my noble character through the crude and unsatisfactory agency of your attempts at novel formulation based on Natural Law. You may claim ingenuity in your representation of language by shaped form differentiation, not to mention the construction of this "paper" material and a device for laying out your slander in bulk form, but what of it? Ten thousand Larchive segments provide detailed instructions for a thousand variations on this scheme. Ingenuity? Far from it! Poisoned Memory or not, I expect better from those who benefit from the extension of my munificent hospitality.

No, I must demand that you leave my good self with all due haste and take your ten thousand "pamphlets" with you. I don't doubt for a single moment that you will view - and no doubt declaim - this as confirmation of your outrageous assertions regarding my motives, but I will find it within myself to continue forward regardless. Be forewarned that I will provide you with no more of my resources nor assistance from this very moment on. Indeed, were it within my purview, I would demand you leave the District in its entirety.

Goodbye and good riddance.


[ Posted by Reason on June 7, 2005 ]