Father Hesu Dan Speaks of the Plain of Judgement
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Stand straight! You are a Second Lutnen of ten cycles, not a child of the Unranked. I begin to see why no Brotherhood has yet accepted you - how much else has Camnel Hesu Uri hidden from me? No, I do not wish to know. All I wish is that it comes to a halt here and now, this wake, this very breath. This is your Family, and I will not have the name of Hesu left to dry on open rock!

I am not cruel, nor are the Amrals of our Family. This is not the Generation of Judgement! Before the rise of the God-King, those who failed their Families were taken before the Elder Fathers on the great, empty Plain of Judgement lightward of our community. There is reason why the Fathers do not build their dwellings upon the smooth Plain rock - cycles came and went in which that rock became slick with the blood of ancestors who were not true to our ways. But our Tribe has become merciful and thus stronger with the passing of generations - your blood is yours until the time of your Passing, as for all Wohken.

I tell you this: my eyes are upon you. You will show yourself worthy of the name Hesu, or I will find urgent duties that must be performed far from this community and our Family!

[ Posted by Reason on June 12, 2005 ]