From Meten Pesu's Scrolls of Divine Will
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Wohken Family and Brotherhood Lore

The ancient Gap communities of our Tribe - built under the eyes of the First Family, shadowed from the far Lightward Sky, sheltered from raid and war - form the true center of the World. The World Crafter passed across this rock, pushing aside great mountains to craft a Pathway of walls that rise for kloms. The oldest shrines to the One God stand on smooth rock out of sight of the Lightward Sky; libraries of the Brotherhood of Knowledge built in generations of legend rival the vaults of the Recorders of the One God. Of greater import, the God-King is yet worshipped in high and isolated mountain communities above the Gap.

Let it be told that Families gathered in the Gap to speak their doubts of the God-King before His rule became complete. This in a generation of great unrest, for the Fathers of our Tribe have ever held great responsibility in their hands. In the very center of the Gap, shadowed by Gap walls and mountains above, the God-King heard their doubts. He spoke mightily in return and caused His face to form from the very rock of the World, a demonstration of His Divine Will and right to rule. High on the Gap wall, a klom above the Brotherhood halls of Sural's Line, a klom from chin to brow, the great face of the God-King blocks the Divine Light of stars.

Priests of the One God should tread respectfully in the Gap, for the Ascended God-King watches over the descendants of loyal Families from the Sky. His shrines remain in honor of His rule, and in hope that He will return once more to the World.

[ Posted by Reason on June 22, 2005 ]