Galal's Pilgrimage
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I, Asuto of the Recorders, transcribe this ancient scroll from the Archivists' Rooms on the leather of the Sectless, Passed to serve the One God. I, Asuto of the Recorders, bring this restored knowledge through the Vault of Winds to the Tower of Lesser Records where it will survive my time in the World. May you read the truth of Galal's Pilgrimage and be touched by faith as I have been.

In the cycles of Claiming, when the cast out Dispossessed rose up to take the rock above the Great Scarp from the Frost Gatherers, Galal of the Susyan came from the Great Temple to the Sect of the Broken Oath. Her faith in the One God taken by doubt, she prepared for the quiet of contemplation in the Halls of the Lost. So it was and so it might have been, but for Galal's great and burning spirit - worthy of the Divine said to be her ancestors.

Deep in the highest Enierd territory, hidden from all by the most solitary Clans, lies the Divine Inscription. Braikin himself said before the First Conclave that "the words of the One God, the highest Divine purpose, are inscribed upon the mountains of the Enierd." The Crafters' Seat in the Hall of Conclave bears an ancient engraving of of the Divine Inscription; the smooth face of a mountainside, a Pathway set on its side. The strange characters on the Enierd mountain, some similar to Midrin or Murikarn, are half a span in height and inscribed to a greater depth than the arm can reach.

So it was that Galal came to the Divine Inscription as it is presented in the Ten Scrolls of Faith Regained. The One God spoke to her in those wakes, and Galal came to understand that she would conduct a pilgrimage to the Divine Inscription - a pilgrimage through the territory of the faithless Enierd in a time of unrest. Her faith awaited her as the first priest of the One God to worship before the Divine Inscription in ten generations.

Galal's great spirit spoke for her, and the Halls of the Lost echoed with the noise of preparation. It came to pass that the worthy priests of the Conclave looked favorably upon her pilgrimage - many priests and initiates from the Sect of the Broken Oath would follow Galal from the Pathway communities to rediscover the Divine Inscription.

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