Heukil's Orders to the Lesser Initiates
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Wisdom of the Order of the Provider

To you also, friend Teher. The Rituals of Suten must be performed over the new saplings of two cycles growth beyond the Lights, and it would please the Administrator to begin before your wake ends. See to it, friend, and see also that the acolytes are tending to the young Estin's Trees as proscribed. The Rituals are difficult for those inexperienced in the service of the Provider, and the acolytes will be in need of a strong guide. I place my trust in you on this matter, and may the Fifth Sign see you to your sleep in good time.

Friend Heuj ... you have been lazing, have you not? Is that any fit way to demonstrate your devotion to the Provider and the Trust of our Order? Supplicants are walking Husa's Path bare once more, just as Administrator Meten Duyan predicted. The Chant of Ten Seedheads should already have been performed, the acolytes set to guide supplicants to fresh tasks. Why is this not done? If you are tired, I am sure there are others who will be glad to step forward and earn a step towards their next Circle.

[ Posted by Reason on June 8, 2005 ]