Jora Speaks of Councils, Lords and Tribal Law
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Our Councils speak of Tradition where Lightward Lords speak of Law. We respect the Three Lesser Councils and priests of the One God, where Lightward warriors pledge Oaths to the Divine of the Katar. Yet we are of one Tribe, ruled by the Great Council and granted the wisdom of the Son of the Ancestral Sky Spirits.

The Law Scrolls of our Tribe are guidance, inked by our ancestors to aid us - wise and great are our Traditions, but without the weight of Divine Will. The One God and the Sky Spirits watch over us, but we earn the respect of our Divine ancestors though choice and Oath, not blind obedience - such is for outcasts, Wohken and Dispossessed.

Respect Tradition, but not because you are told to do so. These are the ways of our Tribe, Godward and Lightward alike. Rightfully so, yes, but they are not as the rock of the World. Honor and truth are not to be found in ink, word or Law - they dwell in the heart, the clasped hand, the Oath.

Listen now, for I tell Tradition as set forth in the Law Scroll of our Wayhouse: First, that Susyan shall cause no violence and no harm to Susyan. Second, that Susyan shall not raid, nor covet, nor steal from Susyan. Third, that the Oath from Susyan to Susyan is binding until death. Fourth, that the Katar is the territory of the Divine Susyan alone. Fifth, that Susyan shall pair with Susyan alone, or none at all. Sixth, that Susyan hold the Rite to its place. These are small and simple words, yet great and broad as a mountain.

[ Posted by Reason on June 28, 2005 ]