Measured and Found Wanting
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Thirty fingerbones of Uk wood for our fine tools? And that is all? Did you fall on your head this wake? Do you sleep still? The Susyan were to have bodies of Uk wood from their cycle as supplicants! Full bodies, not skulls nor fingerbones! I saw with my own eyes four of their Oathbound carrying thick Uk limbs, bark and leaf, a full span in length and three hands broad! Am I to suppose that you enjoy humiliating me like this in front of our Family? Do I journey to Tumnil to be insulted like this by my very own partner?

Any of the Dispossessed would have given ten wakes of service for a single awl or firebow, but no, you will not trade with outcasts! Now I must hear that Ten Misen took their service and has traded it to Crafter priests for Polpar needles, inkberries and Estin's blossom. The Misen Family boasts amidst the Supplicants' Shelters, and I cannot even talk of my partner and his thirty fingerbones of Uk wood! Who is the fool in this inkwork? Who?

[ Posted by Reason on June 23, 2005 ]