Salin's Fishhook
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Salin found the Fishhook while shipwrecked and cast ashore on a rocky isle in the Farthest Sea, or so the tale is told. The Fishhook washed ashore one morning, glimmering in the surf as if waiting for the roguish seafarer who walked the shoreline, casting his eyes to the Sea in search of rescue.

The battered old Fishhook of strangers' metal would have tales of its own to tell no doubt, if only it could talk. It has a wizardry to it; working its whiles over eel and fish as Ammander sages over men and women. The fisher who holds Salin's Fishhook will never go hungry nor poor; the glowfish will swarm by night, the eels by day. The fisherfolk of Port and the Isleblooded of the coast villages tell tales of those fortunate few to find the Fishhook - they would return each day with a boat laden to the waterline.

How did the Power of seafarers return from his shipwreck to steal a new vessel and raise his next crew? Enclave troubadors tell it well: Salin rode from the rocky isle by night astride a great and mighty glowfish, the Fishhook caught deep in its gills and a cloth line taut in his hands. Far across the Unending Sea the fish took him, to the strange lands beneath the moon - but that is another tale.

No-one knows where the Fishhook lies now. Some say it was hidden away by jealous folk, others that it returned to the Unending Sea. Perhaps it is merely lost amidst old nets and unclaimed goods in the warehouses of Port - but who can tell the truth of tales and seafarers' songs?

[ Posted by Reason on June 3, 2005 ]