Ten Negui Tells of the Staff of Wrath
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Inked by Scholars and Scribes

This is the legend of the Staff, as it was told to me by Irin Tonjen, respected Amral in the Brotherhood of the Path of Scribes, in the last cycles before he Passed to be with the ancestors. In turn, it is time for me to tell this legend - remember it well, for old, dark spirits wish us to recall.

Toorn ruled in ancient generations, long before the coming of the God-King, long before the Cult of the One God. The Tribes were closer to the Gods in those cycles, and Toorn was closest of all.

In his thirst for power, Toorn climbed the greatest mountain peaks to touch the Sky and strode Beyond the World to provoke Divine Wrath. The Gods became Wrathful indeed, yet cunning Toorn was not destroyed. He took the Wrath of Gods as though it were bone and wood, crafting It into a mighty Staff.

Fathers of the Wokhen and Lords of the Susyan feared for the World when one man earned the anger of Gods. The rule of Toorn grew, and so it came to pass that the warriors of the Tribes assembled and gave a great challenge. They were met with the Wrath of Gods and slain, given the fate rightfully due Toorn.

Beneath the sight of Wrathful Gods, ten thousand warriors Passed at the hands of Toorn. Yet Toorn was vanquished, for not even Divine Wrath may let one man stand against the Tribes. The Staff was taken by the Lightward priests to be hidden deep within their God, far from those who would bring Divine Wrath upon the Tribes.

[ Posted by Reason on June 20, 2005 ]