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Neh! They laze and argue amidst their walking wheels and ill-kept tents, and not the time to teach their children! Listen to this boy, Rei, he does not know of Adin and the Susyan, have you heard of such a thing? Well sit, boy, sit! Drink of our fresh water, for Servants of the Provider stood with us but last wake - I doubt your Family had the thought to do other than take from the community supplies.

Look now, see, there beside the Hall of Worshippers, the second of Adin's Posts. Walk and look at them all in your wakes in Feisa - that is the art of the Susyan, Formal Representative, stiff as a proud warrior and twice as complex. Tun abstracts and poetry too, if you can read Midrin expressive. Take themselves seriously, do the Susyan, with their Lords and Councils - no less so when they set themselves to crafting.

Well, and how, neh? Time was that the daughters of Adin, daughter of Dohan, set forth from their duty as Worshippers of the Great Bones of the Dead God at Teis, set forth to make a great wager with the Susyan of Nekopis. At stake were the Posts, the pride of the Lord of Nekopis and support for the great roof of his Hall. Won the Posts did the Adin Family and carried them far and wide - for the pride of Susyan is worthy of such great mockery. But the Family tired of their weight soon enough, and so the Posts stand here in Feisa beneath the greatest of the Great Bones. All this many generations ago, boy. The Adin Family Posts are cracked and dry, like shrines to the God-King hidden on open rock in far Wohken territory.

Nine in all there are, though once there were ten - as would be proper. The tenth Post stands once more amidst the Halls of Nekopis, and there is a tale to be told of the last of the Adin Family and her wager with Divine Susyan from the Katar.

[ Posted by Reason on June 17, 2005 ]