The Priest's Hidden World Fragment
Spirits of Rock and Sky > In the Name of the World Crafter

My daughter, it has come time to show you a secret of our Sect. This is why we walk far from the tents - misguided followers of the Second Path would slay to gain this secret, and this is no wake for conflict between Sects. The Avatar of the World Crafter approaches high Seusen and ten thousand Devoted Followers run to keep pace with our God. We will all ascend the Three Thousand Steps of honored bone to worship wakes from now, but there must be no violence in this most sacred time.

We will not be seen here. This is the secret, kept for generations in a fine Enierd-crafted box of Estin's Wood, handed down from priest to priest - a World Fragment from the generations of legend. Touch it - close your eyes to the far Lightward Sky and see with your fingertips, as the World Crafter intended. The World was crafted just as bone or wood, and the Fragments were many ... but the rock of the World is not bone, nor is it wood. A Fragment placed on rock will remember its place and come to join with the World. This is but least part of the hidden knowledge recalled by our Sect in honor of the World Crafter.

Long ago, my daughter, the first worshippers followed the Avatar of the World Crafter through the Gap and across Godward Wohken rock to the Realm, and this secret was one of the Fragments they found and held. Held and held, through the Three Great Heresies, through the lesser heresies of the Second Path and through uncounted generations. My daughter, I will be old and forgetful in cycles to come, and you will be a priest of our Sect. When that wake comes, you will keep this secret amongst the many others we hold.

It will be a great gathering in the wakes ahead, and there are too few Servants of the Provider - as there always have been. There will be hunger and thirst in Seusen and much anger at those priests of the Circle of Worship who pretend to authority. When we climb the Three Thousand Steps, when we ascend to the High Ledges above Seusen to be closer to the Avatar, you must help to keep our devoted safe amidst the other Sects.

[ Posted by Reason on June 19, 2005 ]