Whispering of the Cult of Divinity
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Wohken Family and Brotherhood Lore

Quiet. We speak here, two tired Camnels at the end of their wakes. Sit, watch the Followers of the Scribes' Path practice in the roped square, watch the Brothers and Sisters return from the Shrine of the One God.

Once, long ago, all men and women were Gods. All could craft the World and make Divine Will manifest - how else to explain the mysteries of the open rock and crafted divine materials, the nature of the World? But it came to pass that men and women forgot their divinity and succumbed to the Gray Death. We who now dwell in the World must live as slaves to other Gods, thieves of Divinity. Our forgetful spirits lead life after life, returning again and again to the World with no knowledge of the true generations of legend.

Secrets stand atop secrets, for we are hunted by jealous priests - spoken against by every Family, slain as heretics if discovered. So we whisper of our knowledge, and in time we leave our communities for the far places where the Hidden dwell. The Will of the God Who Recalls is spoken by the Tatrun, spoken to the Hidden who are known to all and none.

This secret I know, and share with you, for we are the scrolls in which Divinity is inked: it was once written, on leather long gone to dust, of duties and tasks that only Gods may perform. The God Who Recalls wishes us to perform these tasks once more.

[ Posted by Reason on June 29, 2005 ]