Wine From the Farthest Sea
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To Enclave folk, any Visitors' drink is wine; many strange, rare libations have come from the Farthest over the generations. There was wine in the old Ammand too, favored by nobles and wealthy folk, made from the fruit of vines that did not thrive in the Enclave lands, or so the tales tell. Ammander nobles of the Enclave must content themselves with strangers' wine traded from the Farthest and by merchant folk for fat purses of coin.

Amidst an unending variety of strange casks and bottles in markets and the collections of Ammander nobles, the wine of the Magi is the greatest of all. Seafarers from the Vanished Isles brought wine from lands far across the Unending Sea in tradeships packed with crated urns and pitch-sealed barrels. Magi wine brings a strange lucity to those who drink deeply; the greatest sages of the early Enclave, contemporaries of The Denier and The Expected Smile, heaped praise upon its effects.

Lady Talmur of Three Stones is said to hold sealed urns of Magi wine in the cellars of her manse in the City Within, a modest part of the collected wealth of the large Talmur family.

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