A Requested Service in Honor of the One God
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Seis assures me that you are known to him and can be trusted. I am grateful that you honor me with your presence, and confident in my companion's choice. I will name myself: I am Camnel Meten Resi of the Seventh Rank of Crafters, come to Lasuten from the Great Temple but recently. Please listen to my words, for I find myself in need of service I cannot ask of the honored Wanderers and Crafters of this community.

In cycles past, it fell to a honored friend of the Third Rank to maintain the shrine in Cir, far from the large Godward communities of your Tribe and close to the Valley of the Eye. He has vanished, and Master Esua of the Cru has passed tales to our acolytes from travelers who claim the shrine is collapsed and deserted.

Stranger tales are told, of Keepers of the Eye on the open rock of your Tribe once more, but I pay them no heed and nor should you. Such tales are told and retold until they have no meaning. A generation ago, I gave my word to Father Bai Iri regarding my honored friend, and this word I will keep - as Susyan, you should understand such matters of the heart, neh? We are not so different, I think. I ask this of you: in the name of the One God, journey to Cir and find the priest Bai Cutan.

The Will of the One God be with you; ten skulls of Uk wood await your successful return.

[ Posted by Reason on July 19, 2005 ]