Alla, Who Trades For Stone
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Another for the stonefolk! Blood, I can tell your sort - not like honest folk, nor merchants, nor the Red Iron Guild. You have the look of thieves with your sacks and mules loaded with ill-gotten gains. You make an old militia spear want to run you through afore you cause trouble, and there's the truth.

Leastways you have manners, not like some. Shouldn't take my words as harsh - carry a spear under the sun on the Red Iron Road for long enough, you'll see how folks come to look. The stairway to the Mountain Below is closed yet, and may it stay that way this summer! What if Alla stays beneath for five summers, as when I were young? What then? Where would you be with your sacks of rock from here and there? Hah! Worthless, it is, and no honest folk would depend on trade with the stonefolk here.

[ Posted by Reason on July 31, 2005 ]