Entering the Hall of Acolytes, From the Recollections of Aruun
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Inked by Scholars and Scribes

Passing through the mighty entry of Divine Will taken material form, passing from seedgrass and the brightest Lights of the Provider into darkness lit by flames of blue, I might have stepped from Tumnil to the farthest Godward community of the World in ten heartbeats. Familiar dwellings stood about me, the roof of this great and Divine hall so dark and far above it might be the Sky.

The dwellings rose up the very walls, as shelves in a hall of wood, crafted by the Tribes. It was as communities within the Great Temple, the Avatar of the One God, and no less wonderous - ancient wood and leather built upon platforms and levels, fading into darkness away from the flame-lights. The acolytes welcomed me, and Meten Asai of the Map Makers beckoned me to the Hall of Ritual, built of wood and bone within the Divine Hall of Acolytes, mighty creation of the Will of the Provider.

[ Posted by Reason on July 4, 2005 ]