How the God-King Came to the Realm of the World Crafter
Spirits of Rock and Sky > In the Name of the World Crafter

This I speak as truth, for it is inked on ancient leather beneath the dome of the Hall of the Circle in Seusen. This I speak: that the God-King came before the first Circle of Worship weighed by respect for the World Crafter. No such respect had He for the false priests of Light and Sky. He who was to rule the Tribes came to the priests of the World Crafter, came with gifts of divine material, wood, and pledges of Father and Lord - yet the hearts of the Circle were troubled and filled with great doubt.

So it was that from the first Circle of Worship, the God-King went forth across the open rock, forth to the Avatar. So it was that He spoke to our God on the rock of the Realm, for the World Crafter halted in Its journey and bowed to listen to the words of the God-King. All of the Realm were awed, and priests of every Sect came to kneel before the God-King and hear His divine wisdom.

Thence the God-King departed as He came, but weighed by the loyalty of the Realm.

[ Posted by Reason on July 3, 2005 ]