Kesia of the Twice Born Speaks of the Claiming
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The cast out and banished of the Tribes had long huddled beneath the Great Scarp, raided by Wohken and Susyan, scorned by Enierd and Frost Gatherer. Yet those Dispossessed came to be many as the generations passed, and sparks of pride still moved amongst the exiles. In time, one spark came to light the fires that would climb the Scarp and Claim the territory of Frost Gatherers; his name was Erias, and we honor him yet.

Erias, Susyan Lord and Oathbreaker, came among the Dispossessed in the generation of my grandfather's grandfather - his great spirit brought the communities beneath the Great Scarp together as one. Bold and angry, he confronted those afraid of traveling the Pathway of their lives once more, exhorted those who had forgotten respect. The outcast and the exiled recalled pride and purpose, found club, ax and armor, and rose up behind the Oathbreaker Erias. A great cry ascended from the Scarp and carried on the high air to the far, dark rock of the World. Dispossessed journeyed from far to this high corner of the World, amongst them the Nine Heroes who would stand with Erias in battle. So it was that the flames of our Tribe fanned high in the cold, high air. So it was that the Claiming began.

Erias, the greatest hero of all, did not live to see the first communities of our Tribe, did not live to see Lawmakers and Law. In the last battle of the Claiming, before the eyes of the Nine, his spirit Passed to the Sky. The Lawmakers teach us that his bones and his armor rest high on the lone mountain above the valley of the End of Claiming. His spirit has not returned to the World, but watches over all Dispossessed from the Sky.

With the Passing of Erias, the Nine separated; each led their followers to build one of the first communities of the new Tribe. Look about you, to the head of this great valley - not six generations past, the hero who would would become the Lawmaker Matai stood on high rock above the valley then empty. A thousand Dispossessed stood with him while the high air rushed to the Gate of Gods. Look about you at what we, the Born and Twice Born, have crafted in the cycles since!

[ Posted by Reason on July 5, 2005 ]