Lawmaker Desus Tells of the Congress of Change
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As our wise Law requires, I set aside my duties as Lawmaker to teach truth and knowledge to the Born this wake. Listen, and I will tell of the Congress of Change, the first Congress of Lawmakers in the generation of my grandmother's birth.

Long past, in the beginning of our Tribe, there was peace following the Claiming and the sacrifice of Erias. In the chill and quiet of this rock above the Great Scarp, the first of us built communities; none save Servants of the Provider and the Unborn - newly outcast or banished - climbed the Scarp to the high rock in those cycles.

Our Tribe grew, yet too many of the Unborn refused our Laws and the wisdom of Lawmakers. Communities - even our great halls, or so it is said - became dangerous; the Unborn even set their tents on open rock, ungoverned by Law and Lawmaker. Their ancestors had not fought, had not pledged to Erias, yet were they not still Dispossessed?

It was in these cycles four generations ago, when Unborn threatened Born, that the Congress of Change was called. Lawmakers of the Congress decreed that the Unborn were to be sent from our territory above the Great Scarp, for they brought shame to the watching spirits of Erias and the Nine. The Unborn did not go in peace, and blood fell once more on the high rock of our Tribe.

This also the Congress of Change gave us: the Laws of Second Birth, for the exiled and outcast Unborn are as our ancestors. We have turned away old, bad traditions, but we do not forsake the Unborn. So it is that Unborn can become Twice Birthed in the eyes of a Lawmaker, and so it is that the Scarp still marks the boundary of our Tribe - Born above, Unborn below.

[ Posted by Reason on July 12, 2005 ]