Map Maker Feru Speaks of the Heresies
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Speak of the Second Heresy with care, friend Initiate, or best not at all. Priests and pilgrims of the Realm will argue, cry out, raise club and ax to shed blood over the Third Heresy, that of the Circle of Worship - but such is common anger, beneath us just as the Underworld is beneath these faithful. We walk the Servants' Path as they walk the rock of the World, sustained and protected from that hidden below.

The Second Heresy is a secret known by all, its reminders left on the open rock, in Seusen, in the caverns of the lesser Sects. The Third Heresy angers, but the Second wounds deeply and in subtle ways. Your faith, robe and Gift of the Provider will not shield you from the priest who believes Heresy of that aspect. Nor will it shield the Sect of that priest from the anger of the Provider, the Seers and all Tumnil after you have Passed.

The Servants' Path is not straight, not mapped, for all we serve the Divine Will of the Provider. You have much yet to learn. Look upon the broken statues of the World Crafter if you must, friend Initiate, but I will speak the Gift Ritual for you while I set ink to the leather of my map this wake.

[ Posted by Reason on July 15, 2005 ]