Master Tanmah of the Ussar Wayhouse on the Weight of Tales
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Oaths and Myths of the Susyan > Tales of Wohken

Wohken, now, they grasp at lesser tales, at the tales of this wake and the last. The tales told by partners and between children - the Wohken grasp at small tales so hard that their Families grow large to hold them all. Our old foes look to the skulls of their ancestors, look to their Fathers, Families and Brotherhoods for guidance, because they forget the tales of true import. They forget the tales that carry weight with the great spirits and the One God.

Have you ever seen players perform in communities on the open rock between Gap and Realm? I have, in my wakes of wandering, a time ago now. You cannot understand without seeing, for all that many Masters of our order might disagree. We are Susyan, we Cru in this Wayhouse, and we know the true tales - of Auritar; of the Katar; of the Ancestral Sky Spirits; of battle; of the One God ... of our Tribe. We have taught these tales to the players and warriors of our Godward communities, as they in turn have taught these same tales to us.

Wohken, now, they cannot tell a tale in public without flame to cast shadow and flax to hold it. Wohken Brotherhoods tell their tales as warriors in battle, bearing the arms of their craft. In their shadow plays, the craft takes the place of the tale ... and without tales, the Wohken bow to ancestors and Families larger than the farthest Godward communities. This I put to you, is the difference between our Tribes.

[ Posted by Reason on July 14, 2005 ]