Meten Resi's Message to Meten Jui of the Temple Keepers
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May this char-marked scroll find you safely in Kesuit, and may it be rubbed clean after the reading. The one who bears this scroll, Seis of the First Rank, is faithful, but knows nothing of our plans, nor how to read this ancient Murikarn script. May the One God grant that he is not cast aside by the Recorders and Stronmars of the Conclave - as I will be if this tale comes to a poor end.

You have my word that I will commend you to my Amral in the matter of your rank within the Family, and again my most heartfelt gratitude for your part in my defence. Seis brings trusted companions from amongst these Godward Susyan - a change to our plans, but one that will be for the better. They are to journey to Dasen's Shrine at Cir, and you will follow. Heretic Susyan yet hide in plain sight in this far, dark territory, that much I have confirmed as I traveled the Great Pathway and the marked routes to Lasuten. The heretics worship the Eye and the Keepers, turning from the One God and all that is right and true. In this you were knowledgable, and by this we will demonstrate our faith beyond any gainsay.

I will yet see those who seek to burn my scrolls cast from their Sects! Their theology is as weak as their position in the Temple is strong - would that the most honored Crafters had Five to oppose the Stronmars, or scrolls to oppose the Recorders. Alas, they are content to let the One God, creator of all, be diminished by heresy in word, ink and deed. This while lesser Crafters are at the beck and call of our enemies!

May the One God guide the nets and bolas of your companions to worthy targets!

[ Posted by Reason on July 20, 2005 ]