On the Judgements of the World Crafter
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Neither priest nor any other may Judge, and to claim otherwise is to travel the Pathway of Heresy! Only Gods, possessed of Divine Will and knowledge, can truly Judge those who dwell in the World. Only the World Crafter has shown Himself willing to issue Judgement - only the World Crafter honors those who dwell upon the work of his Divine Will. Gods of Sky and Underworld, Gods who refuse to Judge, are weak or false, unworthy of worship!

I have been Judged priest of our Sect by the Divine Will of the World Crafter; I have stood before our God a generation past and bared my heart, bared my very spirit! Those who stood with me were Judged and found false, their spirits snuffed as unwanted flames by His passing. In the name of the World Crafter, hear my words, for they are Judged true and wise!

[ Posted by Reason on July 21, 2005 ]