Rual Tei Speaks Of the Flattened Mountain
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Itmos and the Unwalked Way

Hear me as I tell of our ancestors, for soon we set forth for the Realm and the Flattened Mountain.

Long and many generations ago it was when our Family was first named. Though they traveled all of the Realm, the children of Tei, daughter of Mese, who was daughter of Gretai of the Hundred, could find no fit place to dwell. Exhausted, the Family set their tents in the shadow of the great lone peak at the very Lightward extent of the Realm, far from the Great Bones that are the sacred trust of all Families of our Tribe.

The elder priest Esen Tei stood and beseeched the World Crafter to show them their home. Long he spoke in the name of the Dead God, and the World Crafter heard. The God Who Crafts stretched forth His Divine Will and flattened the great mountain as though it were a wood chip beneath the mallet.

Atop the Flattened Mountain then, our ancestors set their tents, as will we in the wakes ahead. This is why our Family travels from the Great Bones to to the dark, Godward Realm - for we must honor the World Crafter and our ancestors in the times of Still Sky.

[ Posted by Reason on July 19, 2005 ]