Suten Ane Talks Of Ancestral Bones
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Almost, neh? The Amral's Rite of Passing was well, I'll grant him that. It was right that his flesh was given to the Crafters' Brotherhood, his bones to the Lutnens of the Family. Capnen Meten Geson spoke well in his claim on the Amral's skin; he will do the Amral's spirit and the Family honor in his craft. The skull should not be placed in the Family shrine, now, and you know my heart in this matter. But this I will do, and I engrave the Midrin Expressive out of respect for your Father - and for you, Camnel, you understand.

No, now, if these were still cycles in which the greatest of ancestral skulls were placed in the Ten Valleys, the Amral's skull would not be so honored. His was not the highest Pathway - and there is no shame in that, but greatness must be honored, or it has no value. I have seen the Valley of Ancestral Bone, walked the hard path across treacherous rock to pay my respects to our ancestors. The skulls of our Families are there still, ancient and engraved as will be the Amral's.

There were communities once, large as Sural, built by those who tended the ancestors. But this was many generations ago, and only the Brotherhood of Knowledge and crafters as myself recall the old ways. The dwellings have gone to dust and splinters, but the ancestors watch over us yet. The skulls of heroes and legends stand in the nooks of the Valleys, Camnel, heroes and legends.

[ Posted by Reason on July 7, 2005 ]