The First Spirit of the Sky Map
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So now a priest, Seun? I had predicted your diligence and care would be noticed. The Stronmars will work you hard now that you wear the hinged robe - and you will come amongst the Sectless less often. You will be missed, but such is the Will of the One God; we each serve as we are able.

Still weak from the ink, neh? I had not wanted to speak of it, but the flame-light shows it well. The first and smallest needle point of the great Map, the spirit of Mer, loyal to Braikin, is the hardest. Your body will grow used to inkberry poison - soon you will add a spirit in each cycle and your skin will honor the One God just as do your elders.

Are you to leave us for the far, dim Godward rock to watch the Sky, or are you be taken into the upper Temple? Ah, you must have indeed caught the eye of greater priests. I bow to you, for you have passed me in the estimation of the Conclave and The Five. Few ascend to the cold High Chambers to observe the spirits of the Sky and the Light through the High Gateways - it is a hard journey, climbing so far above the rock of the World.

We will worship in your stead while you travel within the Avatar; you must come to our Hall once more when you return. We will be glad to hear your tales and share in ritual once more.

[ Posted by Reason on July 1, 2005 ]