The Mountain Below
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Ura is a Datarii word for mountain, and the name Ammander folk have adopted for the modest community hidden amidst steep hills inland from the Coast Road. The Red Iron Road that winds through the hills from Ura joins the Coast Road some days of travel from the outskirts of Port.

Ammander farm folk and miners of red iron are not the first to make their homes amidst these hills. Long before the seafaring Magi bought their wizardry to Enclave shores, stonefolk had traveled the hidden ways beneath rock and soil, far from the deep vaults and halls of Great Home to find Ura Retii, the Mountain of Distant Places.

To a Datar, a mountain is a mountain whether it is above or below soil and lesser rock. Ammander folk see little of Ura Retii, for it lies entirely beneath the hills. Only the uppermost peaks and veins of red iron are touched by Ammander miners in the open castings and quarries surrounding Ura.

[ Posted by Reason on July 25, 2005 ]