The Scholar Beri Tells the Tale of Gesun's Arrow
Spirits of Rock and Sky > Oaths and Myths of the Susyan

There exist World Fragments watched by the Ancestral Sky Spirits, Fragments that bring fortune to those who do not use them to anger our great ancestors. It came to pass that the smallest of these World Fragments was held by Gesun, a renowned warrior of the generation of Pathway Wars.

Gesun was beloved by Jentik, and so it was that he took the sharp World Fragment to the eldest Namekeeper, a scribe of great and divine secrets who dwelled atop the high stairway in those cycles. It was she who crafted an Arrow of the strongest Uk wood to fit the Fragment, she who foretold the Fragment would bring great fortune until the very breath it was used to shed blood onto the rock of the World. From that wake, Gesun prospered under the gaze of the Ancestral Sky Spirits.

Yet it came to pass that the Pathway Wars would consume even the fortune of Gesun. On the high rock of Mayet's Passing, surrounded by the Fifteen Brotherhoods of Club and Ax, every Susyan arrow was sent to rest in Wohken bone and flesh. Every arrow save for the very last, the Arrow crafted by the eldest Namekeeper. Wohken blood ran over rock like spilled water from a Gift of the Provider, yet still the Brotherhoods climbed to fight. Gesun nocked the Arrow to his great bow of sinew and Uk wood, and it leaped true to slay the son of a Father. The Wohken faltered for ten heartbeats, but the Ancestral Sky Spirits turned away from Gesun and so his fortune Passed. In rage and revenge, the Father and ten Amrals rushed at Gesun and slew him where he stood.

This took place many generations ago, yet Gesun's Arrow remains. The Sky Spirits will bring great fortune to the warrior who carries but never nocks the Arrow.

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