The Words of Beis Musam, Priest of the Circle of Worship
Spirits of Rock and Sky > In the Name of the World Crafter

There shall be no more talk of Heresy and Unbelief here this wake! You stand in Seusen, bound by the wise law of the Circle of Worship, bound since your feet left the last of the Three Thousand Steps. This is not the open rock of the Realm, where any priest and petty Sect may claim righteousness. Here, we have followed the teachings of the Circle with loyalty and respect since the generation of the Third Heresy.

No, now! Put down your ax! Shall I call on my fellow priests for a judgement? Before the World Crafter, we are all equal and joined by our faith - put your disagreements aside! Treat one another as Brothers and your kindness will be rewarded when the wake of your Passing arrives. Treat your fellows poorly, and your spirit will be judged by the World Crafter - just as were the the Followers of the First Path so long ago, trodden into the rock of the World and Passed to the darkness of the Underworld!

[ Posted by Reason on July 3, 2005 ]