To Tahadu's Dwelling
Spirits of Rock and Sky > In the Name of the World Crafter

Oheh! We gather to be pilgrims once more. We have followed the priest Meten Teni in the journey of the Long Ridge to Seusen. We have climbed the Three Thousand Steps of Bone and spoken the prayers of the Circle of Worship at each Step of Honored Skulls. We have come far, yet still we are filled with the faith of the World Crafter!

Oheh! We journey to pay the respects of our Sect to the spirit of Tahadu the Sectless, Tahadu who worshipped the World Crafter alone. Towards the edge of the World and high mountains we will go, and so we gather to trade for lined and layered leather. Here we await a Servant of the Provider who will walk our path, and strong warriors to guard us from the heresies of Devoted Followers.

Oheh! High we will travel, high into the dark, cold mountains that look upon the World Beyond, where frost touches rock and the high air howls. There we will bow to priests of the Hierarchy of Mysteries and look upon the spirits of the Sky untouched by the Light of the false God. We will find Tahadu's Cavern and within will stand the wood of her dwelling, empty these long generations since the time of the God-King.

[ Posted by Reason on July 14, 2005 ]