Weather of Powers and Strangers
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The mortal folk of the Enclave have many sayings for fog and mist from the Unending Sea. "Fog brings forth the Farthest" they say, and teach their children to walk with care, stay inside or settle beside a known place when the sea mists come rolling in. The fisher folk of Port and the coast villages touch statues of Salin the Seafarer, or toss a coin overboard for the Fisher in Darkness when fog is sighted out on the waves. To be Lost at sea is a very real threat, even though Enclave seafarers sail only within sight of land since the last of the Vanished Isle Magi and their great tradeships passed away.

On the Coast Road, in Port and the fisher villages, mists are the weather of Visitors and Trespassers. Fog and sea mist are the heralds of unfamilar streets, mysterious traders and unknown stalls in the Dockside Market; strange faces, incomprehensible languages and novel fashions in the taverns; travelers to places unknown to Enclave mortals; odd fisher folk bearing ugly or wonderous catches; Strangers' calls and half-glimpsed vessels out on the Sea.

Yet just as often, the mists of the Unending Sea come and go without incident, and careless folk can become just as Lost to the Farthest on the clearest day or night. The wise amongst the Enclave common folk leave coin for priests and the Powers, to be saved for a day of mist and need.

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