A Weight of Coin For Red Iron
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Do you think me moonfaced, bowing to the Sea each night? I did not travel to Guildmastery on the backs of the beasts of ignorance and blindness! All of us here in my rooms know that Gresei no more represents the Black Tower than I represent the foul Neth of Krineth's Hills. I may not know just how much red iron you plan to load upon her mule, but more than would be needed for the quill and inkpot of a sage, mark my words!

I will say this - the Guild is not your adversary, but rather your partner in this noble enterprise of stone and red iron. It is we who set the great weight in coin you earn, and it is we who will gift you coin in return for the red iron you have so carefully set aside. My friends, skilled miners and crafters, I have let much pass beneath my notice these past seasons. For are we not all are of the same family, in the same vessel on the great Unending Sea? But do not forget that it is a boat, and it can be rocked to the detriment of all of us.

Look here, just as you have carefully set aside red iron from the last find against unforseen harder seasons, so too have I set aside coin against the fine products of your talent and hard work. Let this Gresei, whomever she may represent, depart empty-handed, for she will not honor you as will the Guild smiths of Port.

[ Posted by Reason on August 4, 2005 ]