Amidst Trees, the Farthest
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The homes and halls of Traveler's Stone are scattered amidst the trees and knolls of a wooded vale, linked by crossing paths and centered on the great black Stone itself. For all its modest size, Traveler's Stone calls to the Farthest like the streets and crowds of Three Stones or Port; the village borders on stranger villages, just as those cities border the Farthest City.

Traveler's Stone is as a wave-washed isle at the crossing of tides, reached across the narrow isthmus of the Middle Road and its passage through the dark, close Traveler's Wood. A glimpse of Visitors through the trees is not uncommon, or so the tales tell - and those who journey to Traveler's Stone must watch their path with care lest they become Lost.

A certain type of folk come to dwell in this place of the Power of Roads, a journey's end that isn't - folk less settled, the curious, those who honor the old ways of the Ammand that was, those with mystery in their blood.

[ Posted by Reason on August 19, 2005 ]