An Explorer From the Farthest Hills
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Aye, she was these eight summers past, the explorer on the Red Iron Road. We were blistering our feet on the Coast Road to Port, and learning why mules are better left to Landsmen - brand an islemark of warning on every last one of their hides, I would! It was a stranger's storm from the Farthest Sea left the Great Gemfish beached and broken-masted on the strand at Cael, and it would have been the worse for all the old crew were there not two strong eels at the rudder - aye, and two more for the sail afore it tore away to fly above the saltmarsh Odanmouth. You can be well and sure there was much crying and wailing from the merchant folk on the dockside over the coin and loss, and that was the last any of us sailed for Menas. Hah! The old eel is welcome to his own catch, and 'tis better that way.

Aye, the explorer. I recall it as though it were yesterday. Out of the gulley she stumbled, 'tween the two flat-faced hills beside the red iron marker half a day from Ura - dressed as Krineth would be, but pleasing to a seafarer's eye, mark me well. Lost as any seafarer could be, she was, clear as the marker itself. It was luck we had turned from the Coast Road to the Red Iron Road, luck or the touch of the Beautiful Stranger, mind. Gesal, as lazy an eel as I've ever seen, had upped and talked us into it at the joining of Roads - and I'll be thrown overboard if I recall just what he said that convinced us all. Gesal, aye, Lost to the Unending Sea he was, vanished on a day of fog after last snow three winters past. Taken coin to the Temple of Three we all have these past seasons, and may the Powers watch for him.

Well and well, the tale - aye, and show respect for the Lost, you should. There we were, footsore and trying to make sense of a Visitor's tongue. It's a strange thing, to be walking the Road paved by the Beautiful Stranger and almost to feel you can understand a Visitor, a word here, a word there. Afore too long, she was up, drinking from our water and drawing maps on sailcloth saved from the Gemfish. Came with us to Ura she did, for what else could she do?

[ Posted by Reason on August 6, 2005 ]