Coin For Watchful Eyes
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I know you, Abental, always sneaking around after we bring the goats down from the hills. Up to no good, I'll wager! What do I hear from Mire about coin in your hands, hmm? What have you been spying while lazing on the High Rock and letting your mother's goats stray?

Aren't you the brave one, out of sight here? You'll keep your goat-games to yourself, least folk think I've been playing them with you - and least I be thinking ill of you. You're not so old you don't have to be afraid of my mother. She'll take a pick to your skull if she has it in her heart that you looked my way twice ... just as well she can't climb with the goats, hmm?

No, show me, stop hiding it! Look at this purse - the Guildmaster's seal and heavy too! How did this much coin find its way into your belt? Abental? Tell me!

[ Posted by Reason on August 3, 2005 ]