Goats on the Unquarried Hillsides
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The buildings of Ura nestle in a broad bowl between steep-sided hills, most quarried away over the generations. Come rain or shine, the sons and daughters of farmfolk are up on the few untouched hillsides amidst the high grass, keeping their goats from straying into the Farthest Hills. From the goatherd's vantage, all Ura is laid out in plain view, from Red Iron Road to the old, overgrown mine trenches, from the manse of the Red Iron Guildmaster and the Hall of Powers to the lesser manses of village folk aspiring to greater wealth. Muddy, well-used tracks lead away from Ura to hollowed hillsides, stoneworks and open mining pits, passing between orchards and walled farm plots.

Like the goats, few folk stray beyond sight of Ura. The villagefolk are not hunters like the Landsmen of Port, and no-one has left markers in the hills of Ura like those in the grasslands of Port, or in the stony valleys of Krineth's Hills beyond Three Stones. The Farthest presses close beyond the steep hills overlooking Ura, and overly curious folk - or goats - risk losing their way back to the Known Roads.

[ Posted by Reason on August 2, 2005 ]