Mortal Folk to Guard Datarii
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You've never seen those below, have you? This is coin for standing still with polished arms from the Guildmaster's manse - not for those with fire in their blood and the King's Way in their heart. The stonefolk, they walk as men carrying timbers to a new cottage, or with arms full of blades fresh from the forge. Rightly so, I'll say; I'd no more want to be stepped on by a horse of the King's Keep than rub shoulders with Alla. Blood! She no more needs spears than the hills she lives beneath!

Still, easy coin it is, so long as you don't laugh at the Guildmaster and his ways as Meris did last summer. Alla and the other stonefolk, there they stand or sit, still and quiet as you like while all manner of fools come and go. All the while, the red iron goats are dancing and fawning. I'll say this, and may it go no further: the Guild may give us our purses, tell us to take our spears here and there, to bake ourselves on the Red Iron Road under summer sun, but stand beside the stonefolk for a single day and you'll see just what the Guild amounts to.

Blood! None of my concern were you to run to Port for militia coin until the leaves fall again. My tales are as I see the world; I'll be cold and buried without ever taking coin to carry my spear for anyone worthy of it.

[ Posted by Reason on August 13, 2005 ]