Spears to Guard the Forge
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Blood! I speak with Tenlei for a single pour and come back to find you've cost us a pretty purse of coin! You and I, we need to have a talk about the ways of the forge afore too long - I knew it'd be trouble when old Vars took sick right when the new spears come from the Forest Road to look for summer coin. He may have had a stench like bad ale in the sun, and be good for nothing more than holding a spear upright, but leastways he had a nose for coin.

You may have wet your spear in Neth and snow while I've been lazing under fur and down, but you've a few things to learn yet - you and your King's Way! What the Guildmaster's goats say is well and good, but then there's the ways of the forge guard. Who holds your spear while the sun is up, you or the Guildmaster? Mark my words, if someone from the Road comes to talk, all pleasant and friendly, send them to talk to me. You and I, we'll have words later - now get yourself to watch the high windows on the far side of the forge.

[ Posted by Reason on August 6, 2005 ]