Springhouse Beneath the Great Tree
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A natural spring bubbles up from between two great roots of the largest tree of Traveler's Stone, and Ammander folk long ago built a stone-walled springhouse to enclose it. Fresh water flows from the mouth of a crouching cat within the springhouse to a stone-lined channel that meanders slowly downslope between the trees and houses of the village. The springwaters empty into the green Still Water by the guardhouse, from there draining into a stream that runs away to unknown places and the Farthest.

The Great Tree has grown and broadened since the springhouse stones were first laid; one wall is close to collapse, and the cat crouches at an angle. As for so much of the old Ammander stonework in Traveler's Stone, little has been done to repair the ravages of root and branch beyond the placement of wooden beams for support.

The Springhouse would be a peaceful, contemplative place were it not for the constant coming and going of villagefolk. The stone channel is most crowded at dawn and dusk; the traditional times to fetch water and tell the tales of lesser folk since the seasons of the old Ammand.

[ Posted by Reason on August 15, 2005 ]