Bending of the Middle Road
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The Traveler has walked all Roads, yes, and walked the wild Enclave before the Roads were laid by Magi traders and Ammander folk - for who but a traveler to see where a Road will one day pass? When the Traveler first carried pack and staff across Enclave grass and hills, through the forest vale where the Middle Road would be in seasons to come, he came to a most pleasant place - a town of honest, generous folk at the base of a high mountain, on the shores of a placid lake. The townsfolk made the finest wine and lived a simple life of plenty and comfort, untroubled by the ills of other mortal folk. There, the traveler rested, laid down his staff for the very first time, for the town was named Journey's End. Yet in time, the Power of Roads left the pleasant town beneath the mountain and beside the lake, left the honest folk and finest wine, for travels yet to come were in his blood and would not let him rest. He bade a fond farewell, with the promise that he would return in seasons to come.

Seasons passed, winters came and went. The Traveler walked far and wide, deep into the Farthest and upon many Roads. Where he walked, staff in hand and pack on his back, he walked in the manner of one who will one day return home - and in this, he differed from the Power who first came to the Middle Road.

In time, the Traveler turned his feet back to the Middle Road in Enclave lands - but he found the Road had changed. No longer did it lead to the town beneath the mountain and beside the lake, but rather the Road came to a great black stone, then circled and folded upon itself to return whence it came. Of Journey's End and its pleasant folk, there was no sign.

"Why have you bent the Middle Road away from Journey's End?" the Traveler asked of the stone. But stone is stone, even black stone, and has no voice, even to answer the Power of Roads. The Traveler asked only himself, knowing full well his own nature. So it was that he walked on in a journey without end, and so it was that Ammander folk followed the Middle Road to find the Traveler's Stone - and built their homes about it amidst the trees.

[ Posted by Reason on August 12, 2005 ]