The Scowls
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The Scowls lurk about the outskirts of Ura and the quarries, a clan of large black cats who stalk the line between wild and tamed. The Scowls have a distinctive set to their faces and an angry disposition to match - commonfolk claim they're not cats at all, but rather the Lost descendants of Trespassers from the Farthest Village. A few folk who work the quarries and thin veins of red iron have befriended the Scowls with food and patience over the seasons, but farmfolk cannot stand the creatures - Scowls have been known to scare goats and steal food from tables while backs are turned. Merchants and other travelers far little better: the unaware who arrive dusty from the Red Iron Road in warmer seasons risk a clawing in return for any overture of friendship toward a Scowl sunning itself atop orchard walls.

[ Posted by Reason on August 9, 2005 ]