The Sunlit's Marker on the Red Iron Road
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The tale is thisways, least when I first heard it told. The Sunlit strode from the Black Tower, or a manse of Port mayhaps, as this was a long time ago, many winters before the walls of Three Stones were dragged down from Krineth's Hills. Strode did the sage, strode to where his marker now stands on the Red Iron Road and said "Here it is, here you will find it, and a tenth is mine." So it was, the folk of Ura took picks to that very spot and there found a great vein of red iron, unnoticed beside the Road. The Sunlit's tenth, well there it stands forged beside the Road this day, just as it always has, and with those very words upon it.

[ Posted by Reason on August 7, 2005 ]