Thieves' Toll, Paid to the Beautiful Stranger
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Only a thief counts steps, or so it is said, but in truth many cityfolk keep the habit in places they know well. Who knows when you might be caught without lamplight on a cloudy night when the moon is dim and far over the Unending Sea? But only a thief would willingly set forth to walk city streets in darkness, avoiding the lanterns hung from taverns and the high walls of manses, for to walk in darkness is to walk on the very edge of the Farthest Night, and the thieves of Port and Three Stones pay a toll in coin of lives Lost.

Healers and devotees of the Beautiful Stranger in Three Stones tell tales of the long arm of the Power of the Farthest; she watches the borders and Roads between the Enclave lands and the rest of Creation, reaching out to touch those who carry ill will in their hearts. The dockside eels of Port laugh at such legends; those Lost to the Farthest Night have demonstrated themselves poor thieves, and only their coin should be missed.

Still, common thugs and safehouse eels in Port carry torches for skullduggery and theft on the dockside after dark, while thieves in Three Stones work by day, for the lantern-lit streets belong to Watch blades by night. True thievery on dark and clouded nights, counting steps and skirting the Farthest, is the province of tall tales and rare, masterful rogues like the Unseen Hands.

[ Posted by Reason on September 8, 2005 ]