Leli, the Fifteenth Note
Ten Thousand Gates > An Impromptu Picnic in a Starlit, Ancient Arena

Even the wine bubbles with song, listen to it, almost too much to stand still! And these foods, dancing to themselves, where did you find such things? Oh, I wish my closest notes were here to listen and dance!

But are we in danger? Is this what danger sounds like? How strange! Myrelin had said there would be danger, but I did not believe her - all the clashing harmonies are but a part of the Song. Oh, but I should be singing, I should be home! I cannot sing in this darkness, for how can a single note sing the Song by herself?

How can I even be here, hearing music that cannot exist, wishing to dance to what could only be in the Song? This is no part of our Song, there is no melody here I recognize, but these strange layers of harmony in our gathering are so beautiful. How can this be danger?

[ Posted by Reason on October 5, 2005 ]