Three Black Towers
The Enclave > Known Roads

None but moon-faced fools would leave the Known Roads past Mirael and cursed Lorn, mark my words. I say the tales of Towers and great birds the span of ten men abreast are nothing but empty words, a lure cast out for beauty in the taverns, or coin from nobles. Hah! Explorers hid away in the villages for a season or two, returning to take coin and womenfolk from those who'd believe any seafarer's song - and then the sages chase the same purses with handed down clothes. But who's to be calling for explorers when players and honest thieves tell better tales, and tell them summer or winter?

Great birds, said Krineth, and by my hammer, I don't doubt that alone led him into many a warm bed. If you have to be fawning over his memory these generations gone, fawn over his mastery of the taverner's tricks and troubador's cant, I say!

No, anyone who walked the stinking edge of the Formless, twixt Lorn Forest and Farthest Wilderness would never be seen again, this much I know. Three black stone towers there may be, and great birds too, why not? Who's to say what Creation holds beyond the walls of my forge - not I. But what good to see these sights if you're Lost past the Traveler's reckoning and not to be coming home?

[ Posted by Reason on November 12, 2005 ]