The Twice-Folded Scroll and the Farthest Library
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In the Year of Winter, The Twice-Folded Scroll was the eldermost whitebeard of the Black Tower, of such great age and frailty so as to have passed into that lonely demi-realm that only the very oldest mortal folk inhabit, and then for but a short time. Many Ammander sages of the Tower vanished in the seasons following the Winter of Trespassers, and this most ancient whitebeard was amongst their number - already all but forgotten by those beyond the black crags and former retainers. All that remained were folios and inkwork, copied hastily by a few poorly rewarded scribes, buried and misunderstood in private collections, lost amidst long shelves in the Three Stones Library.

The Twice-Folded Scroll was a sage of the Farthest from the very first, a student of the works of The Denier and The Expected Smile, of the Port sages of past times, those who had walked two shores of the Unending Sea. In his lifetime, The Twice-Folded Scroll journeyed to Spire, the vaults of Great Home and Ura above the Mountain Below to speak to wise Datarii, and to the Watch of Trees in search of the last Ammanene. As seasons passed, and hair faded to white, this Ammander sage was drawn ever more to the Library of Three Stones - and all Creation beyond it, the unending shelves and halls of the Farthest Library.

It is perhaps this closeness to the Library, and the old, bad blood between Black Tower sages and Library priests, that led The Twice-Folded Scroll to obscurity in his own lifetime. The guarded, jealous hierarchy of Black Tower sages had no place for those overly-familiar with priests of the Vessel. The priests, for their part, have long been comfortable with the Farthest Library as a mystery of the Seeker after Burning Truth, their honored aspect of the Vessel. In the eyes of the Library faction of the Temple of Powers, the Farthest Library exists for all, a necessary step on the Road walked by the Vessel and all those touched by the Burning Truth ... but what possible use could there be for any sagely elucidation of the Farthest Library? Burning Truth can only be sought, found, mastered - not taught.

So it has came to pass that the deepest secrets of the Quintessential Realms of learning - sought, founded and scribed by The Twice-Folded Scroll - were never told, but are hidden away in fading ink and aging folios, their very existence all but ignored or forgotten.

[ Posted by Reason on December 25, 2005 ]