A Golden Vale and the Farthest Fields
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Close the shutters, Nera! Tis a dull view to be eating to, awaiting first snow, sheltered or not. Would that the vale were gold with flower in all seasons, but even grass is gone to thoughts of winter now - and I'd not be having the sight from your windows reminding me of Krineth's hills and what's to be found there. Let us talk of better and brighter afore the heart is darkened.

I recall a day, many summers ago, not long past first snow when the flowers open; I climbed the vale to fetch gray rock and brown for walls and paths, as there's those with coin to pay for such. So much gold in the grass, scarce could folk look across the fields, and there's the truth. But saw that and more, did I, for I watched my feet and not the way around and about the nearest crags - out and far I saw across the Farthest Fields, saw a hundred colors and strangers' flowers as nothing I've seen in all my seasons. The Beautiful Stranger granted me that, and well and grateful I remain.

[ Posted by Reason on January 21, 2006 ]