Coin for the Wizardry of True Islemarks
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Every fisher touched by Magi blood can carve lines in driftwood taken from the same Unending Sea once sailed by wizardry and tradeships. Seafarers carve and daub and speak of marks handed down from Magi of the Isles; yet there is no more wizardry in that driftwood, nor on prow, door, nor red iron from the Guild, than was before. No, it is to me you have come for true marks of the Isles, for remnants of old wizardry.

Afore the Vanishing, when tradeships brought your folk from afar, there was much of wizardry in Creation. The Magi made rivers of the Unending Sea, servants of the wind and rain, the better to carry great vessels to a hundred ports. Marks and signs were but the very least of the wonders of the Isle, garnered from the corners of Creation, but that least is all that remains - few of darker blood have but even that. You pale folk of spears and the land, you have no sense of sea, of salt and wizardry. You are blind to what is lost.

And what would be my living in Port? Who of the cityfolk to tell of old wizardry amidst pretty islemarks cast as eelscales upon the fishers? I hear the Unending Sea and passage of tradeships in the bubbling of streams from the springs, and the echo of vanished Magi in the trade of worthy folk who know well enough to find me. Well and well, it is a kind enough road for an old fisher, too old to pull on lines and sails.

[ Posted by Reason on January 19, 2006 ]